The family of Elvis is living in a single room made of old iron sheet and the walls are made of mud which they have improvised with sacks. The floor of the small house is also made of mud but they have covered it with plastic carpet. They have locally connected electricity and they buy water at Kshs. 3 per 20 ltrs from local water suppliers. They use an external pit latrine with the neighbors.


Elvis Ochieng is a smiling child and he is the second born. The mother passed away when he was one month old and left him under the guardianship of the grandmother and the aunt. The grandmother has been selling vegetables to provide for the family but now she is old and her health is deteriorating so she can’t afford the basic needs of the child anymore. The aunt di Elvis is the one now providing for the family through her casual work youth enterprises like digging trenches and garbage collection. She managed to finish class eight, and did hairdressing course but she didn’t complete due to lack of school fees. Joan, Elvis’ cousin has just completed class eight with 274 marks and she can’t proceed to secondary school because she lacks fees and she is an orphan. Lydia is in class seven in the public Mbagathi Road Primary School. Elvis is healthy and loves going to school and while at home he helps with household chores.


Elvis is a good willing child, but really in need and poor. He loves school, but the aunt is not able to pay his school fees and most of the time he has been sent home. If his school fees are paid, he will be able to concentrate with his class work. Through your help we will be able to follow him, helping him to realize his dreams. Our Educators will visit the boy periodically and will follow his school performance. Elvis will be provided of the necessary school material. He will attend recreational activities and sports. It will be possible to make him attending remedial classes for the subjects in which he finds difficulties. The aunt of Elvis needs to be empowered with business skills, income generating activities in order to save money so that she can be able to complete her course and provide to family needs.