The observation of the family`s child

Junior’s father does casual work at construction sites; therefore his income is not consistent. Sometimes the construction stops and he receive no income. His mother gets an income from washing clothes which is also very unreliable. Due to the inability to pay fees, his mother had wanted to take junior upcountry but he refused because he wanted to stay in school and finish his education. They are not helped by any other organisation and they need this support to assist junior do get the quality education he want.


Intervention plan for the child and his/her family

Junior will receive the quality education that he needs through the provision of school fees and this will enable him to achieve human support through the social workers to help him feel valued and encourage him to reach his full potential. We will accompany the family through regular home visits through our educator, provide them with general healthcare and nutritional support. We will also try to work with the parent so that they can start an income generating activity so as to be able to provide basic need for the family.