Hieronder vind u levensverhalen van de kinderen.
Wij zouden graag willen vragen dat u de persoonlijke waardes respecteert.

De levensverhalen zijn in het Engels omdat de wezen uiteraard geen Nederlands spreken en om aan te tonen dat ze hun best doen op school om ook het Engels onder de knie te krijgen.



Both Parents are both alive but they are both HIV Positive, the elder son was born out of wedlock and for this reason’s both children had challenges in attending school, causing them to attend classes at a very late age. The family also gets support from M.S.F Belgium.

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Sarah is very jovial, always active at home. She assists in fetching water, washing utensils and doing small households shopping example going to the market to buy vegetables for the family. At school she is bright and very active in both academy and games.


Junior’s father does casual work at construction sites; therefore his income is not consistent. Sometimes the construction stops and he receive no income. His mother gets an income from washing clothes which is also very unreliable. Due to the inability to pay fees, his mother had wanted to take junior upcountry but he refused because he wanted to stay in school and finish his education. They are not helped by any other organisation and they need this support to assist junior do get the quality education he want.

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Junior will receive the quality education that he needs through the provision of school fees and this will enable him to achieve human support through the social workers to help him feel valued and encourage him to reach his full potential. We will accompany the family through regular home visits through our educator, provide them with general healthcare and nutritional support. We will also try to work with the parent so that they can start an income generating activity so as to be able to provide basic need for the family.

MSF-0068 Junior

MSF-0065 Kamau Moses Nicholas


Moses was abandoned by his biological mother as a new born child. His foster mother picked him from the dirt of Kibera slums when he was approximately two days old and she got authority to keep him as foster child. Moses does not know that his foster mother is not his biological mother and he does not know he was abandoned.

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Moses foster mother is elderly and has three grand-children of her own and she does a small business of selling her farm produce. She struggles to take care of Moses. Moses is obedient and friendly in school. His academic performance is below average. He likes English subject. He seems rather slow in talking and understanding but he is well behaved, he is generally a quiet boy. Moses foster mother sometimes gets very little to sell from her farm. Her family do not give much support most of them are elderly. Nobody has ever known the identity of Moses’ biological parents. The family does not receive assistance from any organization.


Elvis Ochieng is a smiling child and he is the second born. The mother passed away when he was one month old and left him under the guardianship of the grandmother and the aunt. The grandmother has been selling vegetables to provide for the family but now she is old and her health is deteriorating so she can’t afford the basic needs of the child anymore.

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The aunt di Elvis is the one now providing for the family through her casual work youth enterprises like digging trenches and garbage collection. She managed to finish class eight, and did hairdressing course but she didn’t complete due to lack of school fees. Joan, Elvis’ cousin has just completed class eight with 274 marks and she can’t proceed to secondary school because she lacks fees and she is an orphan. Lydia is in class seven in the public Mbagathi Road Primary School. Elvis is healthy and loves going to school and while at home he helps with household chores.




Ruth is second born in the family. The mother separated with the father and now she is living single life with
her children and she is the breadwinner in the family. She has done a dress making course and she didn’t
complete the whole course and she is planning to go to finish the course.

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Now she is relaying on casual jobs but at the moment she was not feeling well because she has undergone an operation at st Mary’s Hospital, because she had some growth in the uterus which had to be removed. For now she is under medication and she
is recovering. The first born Alice is now in form three.
Ruth is hard working girl she love school and also at home she is active and helps the mother in household
work. She attends church and she has good relationship with her siblings and also the neighbours.


Mercy is an orphan child by both parents who died of HIV/AIDS. So Mercy was left in the care of the aunt
who is the sister to the late mother. she is living with both Mercy and the brother to Mercy Kevin who finished
form four and he was being supported by AVSI. The other sister Dorothy is married and living outside the

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The aunt is married and she has two children. The husband is also married to two other wives who are
staying outside Kibera, so the aunt has to struggle on her own to provide for the family, which only caters for
food and other basics and she is limited in paying school fees.
In the family there is good relationship to the extent that you can believe that the aunt is the mother to these children.
She also has good relationship with the neighbours and they have a women group which she is fully involved
Mercy is hard working girl, she helps the aunt while she is at home.




Leonora lives with her mother in Kibera. Her father abandoned them when she was 6 months old and they went to live with their grandmother and then later found their own small house to live in. Her father still lives in Kibera but he doesn’t help them in any way. Mother is illiterate and thus cannot be formally employed and so she has to rely on the little income she gets from washing clothes. Her brother and sister are in a local school.

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The mother was not able to send Leonora to school and sometimes she had to leave her alone or with a neighbor when she went looking for work. She then requested for assistance at Little Prince and after an evaluation we saw that she required our assistance. The family lives in a very small house in very poor condition. The mother cannot afford to rent a good house. Tracy is still young and she is getting used to the new school environment. She can recognize her teachers and members of her family. She is jovial, likes to smile and play games like hide and seek. She also enjoys stories and singing. She likes school and she gets learning materials and lunch. She also engages in various activities to nurture her talent.