Nieuwsbrief Oktober

Dit is een korte extra nieuwsbrief, omdat er twee berichtjes zijn vanuit Oeganda en Kenia die ik zo graag met jullie zou delen.

Het eerste berichtje is van Mrs Wassajja, die in Oeganda 14 studenten opvolgt. Zij stuurt me na iedere trimester de schoolresultaten en betaalbewijsjes samen met een kort verslagje. In augustus, ginder de vakantie tussen tweede en laatste trimester, schreef ze me het volgende:


I am sending you pupils/students’ 2nd term’s reports. They all started their holidays on the 8th of August until 8th of September. They all appreciate deeply the big support you are giving them. They promise to struggle and bring success to all who are fighting for their bright future.

I met the students for a holiday counselling meeting. We discussed much about behaviour, academic performance and the importance of making small home projects such as vegetable gardens. Most of them have already started and I told those who haven’t started to do the same.

I will soon have a meeting with their guardians. I hope to discuss the same issue so that they keep helping and supervising their protected.